/ Weberie

The ‘Weberie’ Department is a creative place for developing small series of high-end woven fabrics and textile concepts. On the one hand it produces a small in-house line of products which is sold in the shop of the Textile Centre Haslach; on the other hand the facilities may be used by external and cooperation partners.

With our own small series of products we are on the intersection between creative design, love of the craft and manufacture. We let ourselves be inspired by the wealth of the traditional culture of weaving in the Mühlviertel region, but we also develop things that play with the contemporary potential of textiles used in every-day culture and communication. Apart from using the best materials and skilled regional workers, our idea of sustainability is based on the permanence of quality. We endeavour to create products which apart from material and workmanship touch their owners through their emotional and creative quality, and which might have a long life because of that.

As an open house we want to give people the opportunity to watch the complex development process of a cloth from beginning to end. This is directed at persons who are interested in individual and regionally produced fabrics, and who appreciate quality through the choice of material, design and workmanship. Artists, designers and fashion makers are invited to realise their ideas in cooperation with us or have them realised by us, at the same time being able to actively influence the development of the woven cloth.

It is a central concern of our house to preserve know-how and equipment still existing in the region, and to counteract a potential exodus of textile knowledge and cultural awareness. Our ‘Weberie’ therefore stands in close connection to the historical objects and the mediation programmes at the Museum of Weaving as well as the new concepts of training we are planning to offer on the machines at the Textile Centre Haslach.