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Tenderly colorful: fabrics by Susanne Heindl Exhibition - opening at the Textile Centre Haslach

Weaver and initiator of Textile Kultur Haslach
For more than 40 years, Austrian textile artist Susanne Heindl, initiator of the summer symposium TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH, quietly produced the most wonderful fabrics on hand looms in her workshop - from a wide variety of consumer textiles such as blankets, scarves or table linen to unique artistic pieces for the room. Susanne Heindl studied textile art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and worked as a designer in New York for several years until she settled on a farm in the Mühlviertel with her husband, Bernhard Heindl, and founded her workshop. The quality of her textile work, but also her commitment to the cultural initiative TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH cannot be overstated. Now that her workshop is about to be closed, Susanne Heindl's work is once again recognized in a comprehensive show. Her fabrics and textiles on display in the exhibition are also for sale and should find a meaningful new home - a unique chance to acquire a piece of living textile culture!

Exhibition opening at the Friends and Sponsors' Evening
The opening took place on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 7 p.m. as part of the Friends and Sponsors' Evening at the Textile Centre Haslach. At this event, which was open to all interested, a small insight into the activities of the Textile Centre Haslach is given and the European Textile Network ETN will be introduced and welcomed. Since January 2020 ETN has its headquarters at the Textile Centre Haslach – a milestone in the constant development of the house, for which Susanne Heindl and her team laid the foundation over 30 years ago.


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